Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who's the best? VHS.

Last week the girls participated in the annual right of passage for all small town girls.  Cheerleader Kiddie Camp.  We look forward to it all year long.  An entire week practicing cheers with high schoolers followed by a memorable performance at a football game.  And I mean memorable.  This year, all three girls were old enough to participate (and totally bust my entertainment budget).  $90 later, a few tears, many carpools, and complete and total chaos at pick-up time, I (I mean, they) survived.  It was time for the game.  The girls got their special 80's theme shirts based on the song "Too legit to quit."  And, for anyone keeping track, that really came out in 1991.  But, for the high school girls, that was close enough I guess.   They did a cheer and a routine to the song. 

I was so excited.  We dropped Sam off with the grandparents and I naively envisioned an entire half of a football game just sitting with Chris actually enjoying the game.  The girls got to sit with the cheerleaders for the first half.  About 4 minutes in I had to pick up Isabella as she was desperately crying.   So, instead of peacefully enjoying the game I spent my time getting up and down out of the bleachers since they performed twice rather than just lumping it all together.  I saw a few of the game plays.  A few.  Isabella was a little nervous, but in the end they all did well.  Sophia did plenty of attempts at kicks and jumps and had a ton of fun.  Anna liked feeling "big" and Isabella survived the first performance and actually enjoyed the second.  She might have been threatened once that if she didn't smile and perform then she couldn't go to the second annual right of passage -- that being the dance team's clinic during basketball season. 

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