Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabella!

Yesterday was the big day.  She said she's been waiting for it her whole life.  She's right.  She practiced how she would react when she opened her presents and she planned to not stop smiling the entire day.  That's my Isabella.  Lots of joy and excitement!  Ready to dance at a moment's notice. 

Isabella wanted a Nemo party.  Somehow I've got to convince my kids to have simpler themed parties.  This Nemo cake took over an hour to frost and my fingers were so sore when I was done.  But she was impressed, and that's what matters.  We had family over and Isabella had a great time.  She showed everyone her presents one at a time like a professional Vanna White.  So cute. 

Next up....bringing treats for preschool.  This will only be her 2nd day of preschool so it's pretty exciting to get to bring the first birthday treats - most things are still exciting when you're 4.  My wish for this week is to try to have more child-like joy every day.  Are you with me? 

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