Thursday, September 23, 2010

To stay at home...

I've said before that I'm a doer.  I don't sit still.  I get super involved in lots of different things and lots of different organizations.  I run lots of errands.  And I stay busy.  But today, I stayed home.  I stayed in my jammies most of the day - and I didn't run any errands.  I didn't drag my kids to any stores.   Nothing.  We didn't leave the house.  They just played all day long.  And look how cute they are?  Just sitting on the couch reading.  Guess we all need a day at home. 

Chris and I are making a plan to take Sundays as the Sabbath they're supposed to be. We'll go to church. Come home and rest. We'll teach Kids Club at night, but we're not going to spend the day doing chores, working on things, or running errands. We're going to take a cue from our kids and just relax.  Maybe soon you'll see a picture of Chris and I on the couch resting.  I sure hope so!!

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