Friday, July 2, 2010

Remote Picnic

We just got back from our annual trip to Colorado.  Chris' family has a cabin there, so free lodging is awesome!  There's so much to say, so I'll start by describing our favorite meal - a picnic.  With four kids, we have to travel as cheaply as possible.  So every lunch we have is usually a picnic. 

On this particular day we were down the road from Monarch Pass and we stopped near a campground looking for a place to have a picnic.  We weren't going to the campground itself because technically you're supposed to pay $5 to stay there for the day.  Chris found a place that had a nice pond with a little trail.  In the far off distance he thought he saw a picnic table that was pretty secluded in the trees.  He thought it would be fun to hike to the picnic table.  As we followed the trail we had to cross a log over where the pond ran off into a stream.  No problem.  Chris just had to carry each child across on his back.  Quite a site!  Luckily, he didn't have to carry me, and much to my surprise, I didn't even fall in. 

When we finally got up to our secluded picnic table we got a nice surprise. 

We had just hiked all the way to backside of campsite # 22  Terrific!  Our fun nature adventure really led us right back to the campground we were trying to avoid.  We ate our quick lunch and hiked back to the car.  The view alone was worth it!

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  1. Stephanie LeightonJuly 2, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    I LOVE Monarch Pass. We used to go by there and fish not to far away from it all the time when I was growing up! I am so jealous!

    I am glad you guys had a good time!