Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colorado - 3

Last post (I think) about Colorado.  There are just so many things to say and pictures I'd like to share... So I will keep it to two things.  First, there is a stream outside the family cabin that is ice cold.  I have have done the traditional "dip your feet in and squeal at how cold it is!"  Chris grew up playing in the stream, floating down in tubes.  Have I mentioned how cold it is?  This year we had a really warm afternoon where we let the kids get in their swimsuits.  We weren't sure any of them would do more than stand in it. 

But Sophia and Anna surprised us at how much they were willing to freeze.  They had so much fun!

Sam and Isabella had a different reaction. 

They both cried as Sam kept saying he was "done."  Sam slowly warmed up (ha ha) to the idea and enjoyed splashing Chris' legs for a while.  Isabella, on the other hand, was DONE and got out and went inside crying all the way.  
Look at those legs!

On our last day in Colorado we hiked Agnes Falls Trail.  It's fabulous for small kids and ends at a beautiful waterfall.  Chris' parents came along as we needed a few extra hands to get the kids up to the top of the hike. 

Beautiful isn't it?

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