Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colorado - 2

Chris and I take a lot of pictures of our kiddos.  Spending a week in Colorado meant we took 800 pictures.  Yikes!  We've taken basically the same trip the last 3 years.  But it's such an honor to get to see the kids' expressions while we do things and as they get older their experiences are different each year -- even if they seem mostly the same to Chris and I. 

So trying to narrow that 800 pictures down into just a few is difficult.  We went horseback riding, rode a tram up on the top of Monarch Pass, Went on long (for the kids at least) hikes, fed "wild" chipmunks at an old ghost town, camped out near Cottonwood Pass, watched the rafts and kayaks in the river, and just enjoyed the beauty that is Colorado. Chris woke up early every morning to stare at Mt. Princeton, drinking coffee, and dreaming of the day (next summer) when he can hike to it's peak.  He's spent his entire life coming to the same cabin, visiting the same places and still hasn't worn tired of them.  Though Chris and I spent a semester in England backpacking to just about every country in Europe, Buena Vista, Colorado is still his favorite place to be.  It's fun to see him enjoy it as much as the kiddos!

So, here's an attempt to share some of our trip with you in no particular order. 

Camping out.  Sam needed to eat marshmallows to stay out of trouble.  Luckily Papa didn't mind.
Anna was great at feeding the chipmunks.  She had the patience to sit and wait for them to come to her.

I love strangers willing to take our picture!
My 3 hikers.  Isabella preferred to ride in the backpack!
Sophia is my rock-climber.  She wanted to be on top of any rock she could find.

Getting ready to ride.  This was Anna's first solo ride and she was sooooo serious about it -- following the directions and concentrating so hard! 

I promise to only do one more post about Colorado.  But there are a few more pictures I want to post.  Then I will be done boring you! 

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