Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little man!

My baby is two!!  Over the weekend we celebrated his birthday with his favorite, trains and airplanes.  He had a ball!  I made a couple of car cakes (because Chris had his birthday too) and I ordered some train and airplane cookies from Connie's Cookies.  I have never ordered cookies before because I like everything homemade.  I think it tastes better and it is WAY cheaper.  But, this week was an exception as I was too busy with VBS to make and decorate them myself. 
Oh, my hands were so sore after frosting these!

Thanks Connie!

He was concentrating very hard getting ready to blow out the candles!

He is ALWAYS surrounded by lots of girls!

And, because someday I'll probably forgot how easy you were as a baby...

Sam at two years old you are my Handsome Sam.  You fill my day with complete joy and lots of laughter.  You really know how to make me laugh and love to give me hugs and kisses!!  You LOVE your sleep sack which you call your "la lack" since you haven't quite figured out your "S's" yet.  You wake happily during the summer between 9:00 and 10:00 am after 13-14 hours of peaceful sleep.  You are already smiling and ready for your day.  Your first word every day is "eat."  You have a lazy breakfast and then are eager to play with all your favorite toys. 

You are a real trooper running lots of errands with me even though you'd rather be home with your toys.  After lunch, I put you down for your nap.  And boy do you love naps!  You sleep 3-4 hours every afternoon.  Then you wake up happy and ready to "eat" again.   You almost always have a dry diaper which I still don't understand.  But I'm thankful as I'm sure that will help us when we decide to potty train you.  No rush!  You love your sisters and they love you.  Sometimes you have your hands full with three extra little mamas, but I don' t think you'd have it any other way.  You can play for hours with all your cars, trucks, trains, and planes. 

Your favorite is still your big Cozy Coupe which you insist is an inside and outside toy.  And you get what you want most all of the time.  It must be since you are our baby, and you are a little bit spoiled by all of us.  We just love you so much!  Thanks for being such a sweetie pie.  We love you Sam!

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