Monday, January 4, 2010


For Christmas, Chris and I decided to get the kids several lego sets. We grew up with legos and wanted our kids to love them too. Sophia and Anna already had some legos and would build little cars and lots of houses. But we wanted to challenge them a bit! For Christmas, they got a few little sets that they could follow the directions and build some things by following the directions. They also got 2 large sets, one a cottage-style house and the other a Santa's workshop. Chris and I had so much fun helping the girls that when they went to bed we kept working on them. We were a little nervous they'd be disappointed that we finished them, but they were so excited to start playing with them (and making their own adjustments). Lucky for us!

Of course, the pictures don't do justice to the hours we spent working on them. But, it was so much fun!! So much has happened in the last 2 weeks. Christmas, playing in the snow, my brother's wedding in Indiana. I hope to get it all updated soon! Have a great Monday!

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