Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Sleepover and First Haircut

It has been a busy weekend for the Moon Family so far! Sophia experienced an important right of passage last night. She went to her first sleepover! I was a bit nervous to let her stay the night since I didn't know the birthday girl's family, but in the end I wanted her to have all the fun that little girls have at sleepovers. Her jealous younger sisters had their own milder version of a sleepover spending the night in the same room in sleeping bags. Luckily they got more sleep than Sophia! When I picked her up, she looked exhausted, and the dad said the 12 girls quieted down around 1am!!!!! Needless to say, by noon today she was so tired and cranky we sent her to her room where she is still napping 3 hours later.

This morning, Isabella (3 yrs) got to get her first haircut! She was so excited for our girl date to the salon. I told her my favorite part is having someone wash my hair.

Next came the cutting. She was quiet, but thought it was hilarious to see the hair fall to the floor. Carol always curls the girls' hair. This is their FAVORITE part! Isabella couldn't stop smiling in the mirror and saying she couldn't wait to surprise her Dad, sisters and brother.


  1. HEHE I picked Sammy up at 10:30 and she came home and was wide AWAKE. She was grumpy enough all day today.

    Isabella looks so cute with her hair all cut and curled.

  2. Sophia was a disaster that day. She ended up taking about a 4 hour nap. Then she was bearable again! Fun, Fun!