Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Fun

Our family recently travelled to Indiana for my brother's wedding. We had bad weather the first few hours, a lot of stops at McDonald's and one minor incident of following my father's GPS. In case you weren't aware, the shortest route is not the same as the fastest route! Yahoo Maps predicted 12 hours. It took us 16 to get there. Uggh. Luckily the kids were so excited to get there that they behaved really well on the trip. The girls couldn't wait to be flower girls, and swim at the hotel pool.

The kids had SOOOOO much fun and loved wearing their fancy dresses. We were really off our schedules so finding time for Sam to get a nap in was not very easy. Luckily, Chris was there to sweep in and rock his little man. I think he enjoyed it!

Taking pictures was not so easy with a 17 month old. Sitting still is not his priority.

The girls and their cousins warmed up the dance floor at the reception. They LOVED it!
They kept Chris and Catherine very busy on the dance floor.

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