Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, Sophia got off the bus and ran in the house as excited as she could possibly be. She lost a tooth at school, not just any tooth, but her FIRST tooth!!! Losing it at school, to a first grader, was the best way possible to lose it. Her tooth was loose and the teacher sent her down to the nurse, who (lucky for me) pulled it out and put it in a nice little tooth shaped necklace to take home (pictured above). All night long I answered questions about the tooth fairy, how she got in the house and how she would leave a $1 bill under her pillow in the morning. Then it came time for bed. Sophia thought about it and thought about it, and she decided she was not ready to give the tooth fairy her tooth. Chris said, what if it were $5? Nope, not even for $5. I asked what she was going to do with an old tooth. She quickly said she wanted to wear the necklace to school the next day. GROSS. I explained that was not an option since a tooth was really just an old body part that fell out, (ick) and that she could reconsider giving it to the tooth fairy the next day. So I guess the countdown begins. How many days will the tooth sit in the little tooth box necklace? Sophia has another loose tooth, so I'm guessing the novelty will wear off and the cash will eventually win. I'll keep you posted!

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