Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can't let my sisters go to school!

While getting in the car yesterday, little Izzy said, "Mommy, I just can't let my sisters go to school." I asked why, and she said she needed them to play with her. It melts my heart! Chris and I have spent years having people ask us why we had our children close together in age. As if that were a question I would EVER ask someone! But, needless to say, people ask us often, or ask us if our children were planned? Can you imagine asking someone that? Seriously! But, other than the idea of getting through the diaper stage faster, we knew we wanted our children to be close enough in age that they would play together, be great friends, and love to share in some of the same activities. By the grace of God, we have that! Our children play together all day long. The little ones miss the older ones on school days, and they are excited to see eachother when the bus pulls up in the afternoon. My kids rarely tell me they're bored or ask me what they can do. They just play together. What a blessing!

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