Monday, October 19, 2009

How many times can you watch The Land Before Time?

Sophia woke up Sunday morning with a fever and hasn't really been able to break it yet. She's been sent to our own version of an isolation room - my bedroom. Ughh. Since the germs were already in there, that meant Chris and I slept in the living room. Me on the couch, Chris on the floor. To be clear, Chris could have slept on the couch or a bed downstairs, but he wanted to be near his little girl. So all day Sunday and all day Monday, Sophia has spent time in our room watching The Land Before Time. I'm sure its a great movie, but, really, to spend ALL day watching it seems a bit much. To be fair, she discovered the Bonus Features early Sunday afternoon and has been navigating them since. I'm trying to encourage her to branch out and try a different movie. We'll see how this afternoon goes. Surely there's a limit to how many hours you can spend on a single movie?

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