Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Last weekend we took the kids to a nearby lake to check out kayaking.  It has quickly become Chris' new obsession.  He's already imagining us travelling down the road pulling a trailer with 6 kayaks.  Not the cheapest hobby to get in to.  But man, it was so much fun! 

We rented 3 kayaks and a canoe because there's no way we would put Sam alone in his own boat!  Can you imagine?  Sophia and Anna picked it up right away and did great.  Isabella had a blast too.  She's tiny, but she's also all muscle so she was able to move the kayak around the lake just fine.   
Mill Creek Lake
My canoe buddies...
Checking out the kayaks!
Anna - in a blue kayak of course!
Izzy B.
Chris LOVED it! 
 Sam decided to lay back and relax! 
Afterwards, we had a picnic down by the river and this little guy joined us on the cooler.  He was about a half inch away from Anna before we noticed him.  Lots of squealing!  

So I guess Chris will be on the watch for some used kayaks!  It was too much fun to only do once!  And we're excited to kayak down the Red River when we're ready for a little more adventure! 

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