Sunday, August 3, 2014

Country roads take me home to the place I belong, West Virginia.....

Yesterday we took a quick trip to West Virginia because - well, honestly, just because we could!  We're not used to living so close to so many different states and Chris has always wanted to check out West Virginia.  We didn't make it far, just inside the state border and back by dinner time, but it was a lot of fun!

Now, I'm sure this is a weird glimpse into the Moon family that you might not really like to picture, but Chris and I have both always loved old John Denver songs.  By the time the kids were 2 or 3, we had taught them to sing "Take Me Home, Country Roads."  So, as we drove across the state border, we all sang the song!  Goofy, but you know, that's how we are! 

We went on a nice hike at Beech Fork State Park and were a bit unprepared for the rain.  But that just made it more fun.   And then we headed into Huntington for root beer floats and lunch at Frostop's.  Delish!  We even took a walk along the Ohio River before heading home. 


We weren't able to go on vacation this summer, but we did spend a night last week at a Drury Inn in Ohio just to say we went to another state.  We're pretty lame, but our kids LOVE the Drury Inn and believe a night spent there is like a mini vacation.  Pet friendly, free dinner (kid friendly snack food), adult beverages for the parents, popcorn and pop until 10pm, breakfast, swimming, and cable!  Not going to lie, it doesn't take much for the kids to be happy!  And as a family of 6 travelling with a dog, we've officially decided we won't stay anywhere else. 

School starts tomorrow.  TOMORROW!  Way too soon.  Summer's over.  And it's time to get back into our regular routine.  The upside?  I get to go grocery shopping by myself again without 4 extra people saying, "Can I?  I want.  But, Mom."  This I am looking forward to! 

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