Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"The chicin and the pig" - A story by Isabella

Sunday, Isabella wasn't feeling great.  Her cough was still wearing her out so I let her come to our Sunday School class with us instead of hers.  I gave her some paper and crayons and she was perfectly content for the next hour. 

During this time she colored a picture of a house, started doing some math problems (2+2=4; 5+5=10, etc.), and wrote a story.  I LOVE reading the stories my girls have written when they were first learning to spell.  They are adorable!  Here's a picture of her story.  She first titled the story "the gumee bear" but at the end, she realized she had written about a chicken and a pig, so she had to change the title.  Below is her story as she spelled it. 

Isabella's:                                                                  Translation:
"The chicin and the pig"                                            "The chicken and the pig" 
Oun day a chicin and  a pig                                      One day a chicken and a pig
wer going to school                                                   were going to school.
the chicin was wocing                                               The chicken was walking
bawrs and win he                                                      backwards and when he
turnd arouwnd he bumt                                             turned around he bumped
into the wol he noct himself the                                 into the wall.  He knocked himself.  The
pig cam and smac                                                     pig came and smacked
t his fas and that is haw he wock up                         his face and that is how he woke up.
dee end.                                                                    The end.

So stinkin' funny!  I love how the pig woke up the chicken. 

Now, she can clearly spell the word "the."  And she's heard a million stories in her lifetime end with "the end."  But apparently she's alway's thought it was "dee end."  But seriously, that's a lot of sentences (even though there's only one period in the entire story) for a kindergartener to write.  It's just so fun to watch them learn! 

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