Monday, July 25, 2011

My little goofball

This shirt that Aunt Angela picked out for Sam's birthday is perfect.  Sam is my little goofball.  Always willing to do whatever it takes to make us laugh.  Especially at the dinner table. Sometimes I think his entire goal is just to make his sisters giggle and interrupt the meal.  I tell people that God brought him into my life just to make sure I smile and laugh all day long. 

Today, we were shopping for school clothes at Old Navy.  And Sam heard the song change over the speakers in the store.  He stood up in the shopping cart and started dancing.  The boy loves to dance!  And he's got some pretty funny moves!  (Yes, I know it's dangerous and I normally don't allow standing in a cart....but he was so stinkin' cute and I stood right there to keep him safe.)  So thanks, Aunt Angela for the perfect shirt for my crazy boy!

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