Monday, July 18, 2011

Confession # 7

There's just something about passing out and throwing up to get a weekend started!  Am I right?  Oye!  Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me explain...

This weekend Sophia had her league swim meet, a two day event with 8 area teams.  For most of the kids, it was their final meet for the summer.  Only the best move on.  But it is July in Kansas which means it's hot outside.  Really hot.  Like "Severe Heat Warning" hot. (Which, I later looked up and found that it means there's extreme danger of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and cramping- FYI.) Not the best two days to spend sitting outside all day long surrounded by lots and lots of concrete. 

We got to the swim meet in time for warm-ups.  Then the team had a quick meeting.  I looked over and Sophia fell face forward, landing on her hands and knees completely confused.  I'm pretty sure she blacked out a bit because she later told me she got really dizzy, confused, everything went black and her legs went wobbly.  I went over there and we walked back to where we had our stuff.  She then promptly threw up (all over my new purse). Lovely. The day produced record heat of 109, and that doesn't include the heat index.  Not a great way to start the meet.  Luckily she had a few hours to recover before she swam.  If you ever really can recover in that type of heat.  There was no amount of shade possible to cool you down out there - though Aunt Ronda's "mister" helped!  Luckily a $5 stuffed monkey named Coconut can make any girl feel better. 

Day 2 started out better.  Sophia was selected to represent her team during opening ceremonies swimming while holding a flag during the national anthem.  She was so excited!  She was chosen for her hard work - not missing a single practice (except for our vacation) -  7 practices plus a meet each week.  Most of that is due to the fact that Chris woke her up and took her every morning.  She was also chosen for her improvements during the season.  She started out not being able to swim the width of the pool.  Then over the course of the swim season she dropped a full minute off of all her times.  That takes work!  At league she swam personal bests in all of her individual races and her relay team took 4th.   It was also pretty awesome to swim at the same meet as her older cousin Bailey!

Overall, she earned 17 ribbons this summer -- which as we counted was a few more than her Daddy did at that age.  He turned out to be a pretty awesome swimmer so she was pumped about that.  Now we officially get a 1 month break before school starts.  I think we're going to totally veg out and relax for the entire month! 

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