Monday, May 16, 2011

Sock Hop

Our elementary school recently hosted a parent/child dance.  I was one of the lucky few who was responsible for planning it.  Since our gym is still new, we're still supposed to take off our shoes when we're in there so we got creative and had a Sock Hop. 

Watching K - 3rd graders at a dance is a real hoot.  It was so fun to see some of the father/daughter and mother/son pairs.  Some of those moms and dads were amazing, not being self conscious about how they looked and just had a fabulous time with their kids.  Some of the parents lined the wall similar to what I remember of our Middle School dances when I was a child.  The kids all had a blast. 

We had 50's decorations, lots of yummy food and drinks, a photographer and a fantastic DJ who made sure the kids had fun!  Let's just say that I'm honestly a little proud I don't still remember the Macarena!  The chocolate fountain was a huge hit!

Chris was lucky enough to have 3 dates!  Many of the kids and parents were dressed in 50's clothes and looked so cute!  We have one poodle skirt at home and I just didn't have time to make 2 more, so I just let the kids pick whatever they wanted out of their closet.  Two of them wore former flower girl dresses.  Pretty cute! 

The girls all had fun.   Isabella danced all night long with her Daddy!

Early in the evening...

A little bit later!

The end of the night.

Sophia rocked the hula hoops when they came out!   At one point every child was lined up in a long train linked by hula hoops.  They had so much fun!

Chris tried...less successfully!

He and Anna had a little game going where he'd roll it and she'd run through it.

Anna did some dancing, but in the end was pretty tired and I had to stay late for clean-up so that made for an even later night. 

  What a great time!  Pretty easy to plan...inexpensive...and the parents were responsible for their own kids.  A great free event for the school and lots of fun for the kids!!

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