Friday, May 6, 2011


We're all busy.  Between jobs, family, church, hobbies (what are those again?), volunteer commitments, friends, and the obligations that come with owning a home, we're busy.  Certain times of the year are harder than others.  Right before the holidays are rough.  And right now I seem to be a bit over my head.   A little bit of me saying, "what was I thinking?"

I just finished planning an elementary school parent/child Sock Hop, a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, our church Easter egg hunt and the purchase of commercial playground equipment for our church to be installed tomorrow!  I've endured a yucky dentist appointment, attended preschool board meetings and more sub-committee meetings than I'd like to meniton.  Weekly t-ball practice has started (do they really need to practice?) We've survived Teacher Appreciation Week and are quickly approaching field day! Tomorrow is Sophia's birthday party for which I still need to bake and decorate a cake and clean my house!

I'm working on our fall elementary school 5k fun run fundraiser, VBS, and a summer art program.  I was elected to a third (and final) year as PTO president.   I need to get all the proper gear for Sophia's swim team soon, plan the crafts for the remaining week of parent's day out, and oh yeah, my house is a mess!  My kids need fed.  Bills need paid.  And life generally must go on! 

So, I'm making lists.  Lots of lists.  I'm a detail girl and an organizing freak when it comes to event planning.  And, I'd like to think all these little things in my life are just the next event I've got to plan.  So why am I blogging instead of checking things off my list?  It's easier.  It's avoidance.  And, well, for some reason writing it all out makes it seem a little more doable.  But, now, I really better get to work!  This cake won't bake itself! 

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