Saturday, May 28, 2011

Confession #6: The Amish may not like me.

It's true.  I think I'm a disappointment to the Amish.  I LOVE Amish Friendship bread!  The kind where a friend passes on a starter bag to you and you spend several days with a Ziploc bag on your kitchen counter.  You mash it and eventually add a little milk and flour.  Then you sit back and think it's really pretty gross to have something with milk sitting out on your counter top for days on end.  Then day 10 comes and you magically divide it out into bags so you can pass them on to your friends.  Then you quickly make your own little batch of 2 loaves or some muffins. 

There's a problem with this little scenario though.  I don't usually do things exactly according to the Amish directions.  Day 6 is a key day.  You're supposed to add ingredients instead of just mashing.  Usually I forget and do this a day or two later.  Yikes.  Then comes the real kicker.  The point of "friendship" being in the title is you're supposed to pass on the starter to your friends.  Yep.  I don't do that part.  I feel like I'm committing a crime, but I never pass on the starter.  Instead, I reserve one starter for myself and then make loaf after loaf of bread to put in my freezer.  We're talking 8 loaves or a combination of loaves and muffins.  Not too friendly really.  Yes, I could pass on the baked loaves.  But I don't.  They freeze really well, and I pop them out of my freezer and they thaw easily in time for dinner. 

The thing is, I have to bake several at a time because I usually get tired of seeing a Ziploc bag filled with batter sitting on my counter for more than 10 days.  I give up and throw it away.  Again, not friendly as the Amish intended.  But honest.  I always think, maybe this time I'll really pass them on.  But, no, I've yet to do it.  So, to the lovely Amish people with the yummy friendship bread - I apologize.  I am, unfortunately, not very friendly when it comes to baked goods.  But, I really do love your bread - despite being slightly grossed out at the bag on my counter! 

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