Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion Police

I let my kids pick out their clothes.  I always have, even when they were very young.  They have very unique senses of style and I think they should be free to chose what they want.  It's one of the few things they get to control. 

I try to teach them not to mix patterns too much and to try to find things that go together.  There are days when I will say something like this..."You can choose to wear those tights, but just so you know, there is no red in that dress, so the tights don't really match.  That's okay if you want, but I wanted you to know so you can make your decision."  For Sophia, that's all it takes and she's back downstairs changing.  Anna thinks about it, and usually, and very reluctantly, changes.  Isabella doesn't really care.  Usually she makes pretty good decisions but occasionally she'll put two wildly different patterns together. 

Today she outdid herself.  Exhibit A.

Lovely.  Turquoise skirt, peach and white shirt on backwards, red tights, gray and purple hoodie, and purple plaid shoes.  Even better is the kool-aid ring around her top lip.  Exhibit B.
Gotta love her!  Too bad she's probably coming to my PTO meeting tonight dressed like this for everyone to see.  I'm sure the parents won't be too surprise to see a mismatched 4-year-old though. 

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