Monday, April 26, 2010

1st Grade Costumes

Over the last couple of weeks I've been helping to make costumes for the first grade music program "Frog & Toad."  I kept them very simple since we had quite a few to make and didn't want to spend a bundle.  I had 2 other moms help make a few of the costumes, but I took a picture of Sophia in all of them.  I think they turned out pretty good for as simple as we were making them.  We made:
 2 Bumblebees
3 Birds

1 Frog (excuse the jammies underneath!)
1 Toad
3 Squirrels
and a lovely little snail!

Sophia will be a squirrel in the musical tomorrow night.  She is very excited to get to wear a costume!  Hopefully the other kids will be too.  A few of them were a little tricky and it took me several evenings to figure out how to attach the squirrel's tail and the snails' coil, but with Chris' help we finally figured it out.  I did realize a little too late that I should have pointed the eyes downward a little more due to the way the visors sit on the kid's heads.  Live and learn!  Here's hoping the kids behave, remember their lines, and do their best.  It's always fun to see which ones like to show off for the parents and ham it up.  It always makes me smile to watch the kids! 

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