Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Moon Crew! 
We had a great Easter weekend.  Everyone except Sam.  The kids were outside Saturday morning playing and I ran inside to unlock the door for company when I heard screaming.  Obviously not a good idea.  You see where this is going?  In the 30 seconds I was gone, Sam left his favorite toy and wandered too close to his sister swinging.  She nailed him and he face planted in the dirt.  Not fun!  So as I rushed my bloody and dirty boy inside, the doorbell rang.  Of course, the timing could not have been worse!  So I answered the door with a baby covered in blood and a mouthful of dirt.  Welcome to our house! 

So my careful planning for Easter pictures went down the drain.  Not really.  I don't mind when a picture prominently shows my children's "ouchies."  That's part of childhood and it's part of the many memories I will always have of them.  The, good and the bad!  So I accepted that Sam's face would be swollen and scabbed on Easter Sunday.  What I didn't know was that he would get very sick later that night.  Throwing up all night long so he was certainly not going to church in the morning.  That really devastated me -- for all the wrong reasons. 

You see, I had found these cute matching dresses for the girls and searched everywhere for something for Sam to wear.  This year all the boy's Easter outfits were pale blue, green and purple.  That would clash!!  So, I found an awesome store on Etsy where a lady in NC makes ties out of tons of different fabrics.  I found this polka-dot tie and was so excited!   I tracked the shipping on-line and was so worried it wouldn't make it in time.  It came Saturday afternoon, just in time!   But then, my baby was sick and not going to church.  So here's a picture of my girls!
Sam felt well enough to go to Papa's house for lunch and an egg hunt.  He was just really drained and exhausted.  Monday he had to go to the dr. just to check since he was super-fussy.  Besides the scraped face and the throwing up, he also has fluid in his ears and it looks like we're going to have to get tubes replaced soon.  Geesh. (I won't even go into details about how he then threw up in the car on the ride home).  But the moral of the story is I had the wrong focus for Sunday morning.  I had been thinking so much about my cute little kids in their matching outfits, that I wasn't focussed on the true reason for being at church on Sunday -- the celebration of Jesus - risen from the dead!  WOW!  I felt like such an idiot!   But, luckily, God used the weekend's events to really remind me where my focus should be!   Church was great, the music was awesome!  And my wonderful husband stayed home with Sam so I could go....usually he's teaching Sunday School and I ALWAYS stay home with the sick ones.  What a great blessing!  

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