Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Last week when I looked at the weather for Spring Break it looked perfect. They were predicting sunny, 50's-60's. I had visions of going to the zoo, parks, playing outside and going on walks....picnics. You get the picture. This week hasn't quite turned out as planned. The sun came out each day, but usually not until after 5pm. And, we have spent most of the time at the doctor's office. As of today we have
  • 2 cases of strep throat
  • 1 case of hives
  • 1 ear infection
  • 2 pink eyes
  • 5 doctor's appointments --- so far!
  • 4 kids all on different antibiotics

UGGGGH! Luckily each time we've had someone contagious, we've lucked out and not had to be somewhere so I don't think we've spread any of this junk outside of our house. Crossing my fingers! I've also been trying to convince my doctor's office to give me a frequent visitor punch card. Something like every 10th visit should be free. I know this comes with the territory of having a big family. And I should be glad that nobody is missing school for all of this. But seriously! I'm ready for a break from Spring Break!!

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  1. sorry you are having a miserable time!! Hope they all get better soon.