Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nice little surprises

Being a mom means lots of little surprises during a day. Some days, I'm surprised at my capacity to tolerate noise. Some days it is shocking the number of times my phone can ring on the one day I decide to take a nap. Other days, I'm surprised by the things my children say. Isabella woke up the other morning and stumbled into my room and said, "Mommy, I'm grouchy, is it close enough to morning to get up?" I thought, good to know...better get back in bed and wake up a little less grouchy! I've been surprised by the amount of vomit one tiny child is capable of producing, and surprised at my creativity at handling diarrhea in the middle of Wal-mart with an empty diaper bag. Let's just say that wrapping a child's bottom in a spare t-shirt wasn't my first choice, but it worked. And I'd probably do it again if I had to. I'm surprised daily by my children's imaginations and their ability to role-play and create their own little worlds. Today, I was mostly surprised by how loving my children were to each other.

Sophia is not a morning person. I wake her up and she gets dressed, crawls to the couch and waits for her breakfast, eats, then crawls back to the couch a few more minutes before the bus comes. This morning, Isabella...who is as bright as the sunshine every morning....went to the couch and asked Sophia if she could snuggle with her. Sophia said sure. Aren't they cute?

Then Anna woke up and Sophia snuggled on the couch with them and read them stories from our rhyming toddler's Bible. The girls LOVED it! Now that's a much better way to wake up in the morning!
For over a year Sophia has been asking to get baptised. Chris and I keep putting it off because we want to make sure she completely understands what it means. Last year she didn't necessarily understand that cartoon characters weren't real so we knew she wasn't ready. More and more though we think she really understands and this morning while heading out to the bus she said she was being extra nice to her sisters to show me that she understands that when Jesus is in her heart, she has to show his love to others by being kind and loving. WOW!! She's really been listening and understanding!!!! So exciting! I promised her Chris and I would sit down with her this weekend and really talk about it and make sure she truly understands everything. But what a nice surprise for me this morning!

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