Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Batter Up!

It Spring! Well, almost. It's March at least. And that means its time to sing up for t-ball and softball. I had a minor case of sticker shock when I went to the rec center to sign Sophia up for her first year of coach-pitch softball and Anna up for her first year of t-ball. $96. Yikes! And that's with a $10 discount for the 2nd child. I want my kids to participate in lots of different sports, but wow, when all 4 are old enough, we're in big trouble! I also felt like I was signing away 6 weeks of my summer. The kids will have 2 games each week - so that's 4 games a week sitting in the hot sun watching girls who are cute, but so far have not proven to be stellar athletes. Lucky for me it all ends by the 4th of July when it gets REALLY hot around here.

A few days after signing Sophia up for softball we got a call from Coach Spike. Yep, that's his first name! The coaches get to come in and look at all the kids' forms and pick their teams so Coach Spike called and told Chris he had "been scouting Sophia for the last 2 years in t-ball and wanted her on his team." So funny! Chris said, "Obviously you've seen something we haven't!" Chris knows Spike a little from high school so it was pretty funny. He really was just looking for a young team of girls the same age who could play together for a few years. Sophia loved t-ball. She was a great fielder, learned to be a great base runner, but after 2 years still lacked in the hitting department. She got really good at blowing us kisses and spinning with joy when she got to first base! Ahh, girls! Looks like this spring Chris is really going to have to work with her on her batting! Should be fun!

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