Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Love All Around

Last week Chris complained to me how much he doesn't like Valentine's Day. The usual arguments were made. It's just a made-up, commercialized Hallmark/Russel Stover's Holiday. You should be able to show someone you love them everyday, not just on Feb. 14th. Everything is terribly overpriced and if you'd wait a day it would be 1/2 off. Of course, these arguments are all valid. But, as I reminded him, it may not mean anything to him, but it does mean something to me. Ahhh, he felt defeated.
So, Sunday morning came around and Chris picked up chocolate donuts at the store. A great way to start the day according to the girls! (Sam also appreciates chocolate as he calls it "caw caw.") Chris then brought in 9 red roses for me- we have been married 9 years, a box of dark chocolates, and a doormat. Not sure if that was supposed to be a not-so-subtle hint at how he felt for the holiday, but I needed a new one and was thankful. He then brought in each of the girls a single red rose and a little box of chocolates. So cute. For Sam, he bought him his first real-sized football. Sam loved it! Here are some of the pictures. Excuse the chocolate faces as the donuts were yummy!

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