Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Always my rock climber...

Sophia has always been my little rock climber.  When she was four years-old, she took a rock climbing class at the YMCA and loved it!  Here are a few pictures.  Wasn't she cute? 

Today, she turned 12 years-old and she is still my little rock climber.  Every single hike we go on she finds something to climb on.  So this year for her birthday, we got her a season pass to Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure.  It's this amazing place 20 minutes from our house that has a Via Ferrata climbing system in place for beginners.  It uses cables and iron hand and foot rungs to help climbers get around. Today we pulled her out of school so she could try it for the first time.  She and Chris had a blast!  Here's a panoramic of the climbing area! 

Just hanging around!

This is how high up they were.  I am the green dot beside Sophia's shoe!

What an awesome way to spend a birthday!

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