Sunday, April 12, 2015

They just don't have these in Kansas, folks!

I had to take Sophia to Lexington Saturday to pick out a dress for a spring dance coming up.  You guys, I have no idea how I spent so much time in a mall when I was younger.  My step-sister and I could spend hours in the mall.  Hours!   How did we do that?  More importantly, why did we do that?  I am officially old now because spending hours at the mall is no longer fun at all! 

While there I did run across something that I've never seen in a Kansas mall.  Check these out! 

Aren't they awesome?  The Kentucky Derby is coming up and look at all these amazing hats to choose from!  So much fun just to look at them!  I have not yet been able to convince Chris to take me to the Derby though. 

Also, I texted Chris this picture while we were shopping. 

I offered to buy him this outfit for his many afternoons spent playing crochet.  Ha Ha!  He declined.  Bummer!  I survived the four hours it took for Sophia to find a dress.  But I'll be honest, I hope I don't have to go to the mall again for a very long time! 

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