Sunday, April 20, 2014

Three weeks and counting...

We've officially been in Kentucky for three weeks now and we're really loving it!  We are completely unpacked (although we still need to hang everything on our walls).  The kids are settled into their schools and we're meeting a ton of people - though Chris is much better than me at remembering everyone's names! 

We live in a nice little 3 bedroom parsonage that is across from the church. 
And it is so awesome to just walk to church with the kids and even nicer for Chris just to walk across the street to work each day.  It's also a great place for the kids to ride their bikes!  The kids' school is only a 1/2 mile away so I walk to pick them up most afternoons which is really nice. 

The kids are adapting well to their new school. Anna is still struggling a bit with the change still, but we expected that.  The kids miss having a music class and only have PE one day a week, so that's pretty different, but otherwise there are a lot of similarities.  They miss their friends A LOT, but are starting to make new friends. 

Each Saturday we try to go hiking somewhere nearby.  So far we've checked out Sky Bridge, Natural Bridge twice, Angels' Windows, and Whistling Arch.  God made some spectacular places to visit!  Our kids won't stop posing in front of rock and tree formations.  I'm sure the novelty of that will wear off eventually. 


I have a huge fascination with all the horse farms I've driven by. The black fencing and matching black barns are just so cool!  I'm going to have to take a day to drive around and take some pictures for my Kansas friends.  They're gorgeous.  And someday I'll figure out why the barns are black.  So different from back in Kansas!

That's a little bit of what we've been up to in the last three weeks.  I really LOVE Facebook right now because seeing all your pictures and updates makes me not feel so far from everyone!


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