Saturday, April 26, 2014

A few lessons learned while hiking with our kids...

Today we checked out Rock Bridge Trail with the kids and along the way, we learned a few  important lessons.

(Creation Falls)
First, Isabella learned when you have to potty off-trail, do not keep your hoodie tied to your waist or you will, in fact, potty all over your hoodie.  And then you will have to wear it the rest of the hike.  Nice. 

Second, when locals warn you about the snakes but say they've never really seen them - that doesn't mean you won't see them.  We had a nice little meeting with a 6 foot snake today.  YIKES!  Luckily, he was not interested in us and just slithered across the path and kept going.  We had just told the kids that they needed to stay close to us while hiking incase we came across anything like a snake or something worse like a bear.  Lesson learned, the rest of the hike they stayed pretty close by.  But, about 20 feet down the path the kids were complaining that I didn't take a picture of the snake so they could show all their friends.  Surprisingly, getting out the camera didn't come to mind at the time since I really, really, really don't like snakes and I may or may not have temporarily froze when I saw it.  Like, don't move, don't talk, and maybe it won't see you - froze. 

Third, oh man God is so unbelievably amazing!  The things he created, just wow!  Here are a few pictures.  And yes, I've got two kids who would climb on anything and luckily they are not as clumsy as their mother!    
 (The trees are amazing!)
(Creation Falls)
(Anna on Rock Bridge)
(Sophia on Rock Bridge)

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