Monday, July 30, 2012

What happens when you arm your kids with Reddi-wip?

Sometimes Chris has selective hearing.  He has a tremendous ability to tune people (the kids and I) out.  Usually, he thinks this is a good thing.  But on his birthday it didn't work out that way! 

At lunch the kids were talking to him about the cake he wanted to eat.  He had decided to keep it simple and have strawberry shortcake.  Thank goodness!  So they started talking to him about Reddi-wip. 

It's not something we have in our house very often and the novelty was pretty exciting.  Well, at one point during the conversation, the kids got excited about the idea of taking Chris outside and spraying him with the whipped cream.  Since he wasn't actually listening, he agreed to their idea.  Later that night, we reminded him of what he had agreed to.  Then the fun began! 


Then they got to hose him down, and somehow everyone walked away wet.  It was a lot of fun - for us!  And just maybe he learned a lesson about listening.  I'm not crossing my fingers though.

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