Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Becoming a True Moon (and embarassing your mom in the process)

Today, some of the kids who come to church on Sunday nights sang a song in front of the congregation.  Sam can sing some of the words, do some of the actions, and stand still -- when he chooses.  Today, he did not make that choice. 

Instead, as the song began, he chose to turn around, pull his pants down a bit and scratch himself.  It was a fine moment for me as his mom.  I had forgotten my camera and was trying quickly to snap a picture with my phone.  Unfortunately, I took it too quickly and it was blurry.  Before trying a retake, I realized what my lovely son was up to and the camera was put away.  As you can see below (again, apologies for the quality of the picture) Sam chose that moment to partially moon everyone.  Uncle Mark, you'd be proud!  Believe me, the pants went further down.  The thing is, usually when kids sing, someone does something embarassing or funny or both.  I figure with four kids, it's going to be my children  alot of the time.  And he did bring a little laughter and joy to the sactuary, and isn't that a good thing too?

Happy Sunday, from the Moons.

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