Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011: The good, the bad, and the sugar high

Halloween. It's not my favorite holiday.  I don't hate it, and I'm not morally opposed to it.  It's just that with four kids it:
a) costs a lot  to purchase costumes and
b) brings entirely too much candy into our house. 

So, this year I told all the kids they could re-use a costume from previous years or we could make something. 

Isabella was perfectly fine being a cheerleader -- a costume we've used several times over the years.  Kudos to her. 

Sam was insistent that he wanted to be a "big, bad, blue, scary monster."  Lovely.  We did find a cute hat and mitten set at Children's Place that was perfect for our scary monster and practical because it could be worn after Halloween.  Next we located a blue sweatsuit (in Isabella's size with pretty flowers on it).  So, I attached black fur to adhesive-backed felt and stuck it on the sweatshirt covering the pretty flowers.  Then I just attached furry spots all over him and spikes on his back.  He was happy.  And, this morning I pulled everything off, washed it and Isabella now has another outfit.  And yes, I do realize how ridiculous he looks.  The thing is - he's 3, so he doesn't know any better! 

Anna wanted to be a cat.  Easy enough.  Black tights, leotard, a $5 cat ear/tail set, eyeliner for some whiskers and call it good. 

Sophia wanted to be a Dalmatian.  Easy enough.  White sweatsuit at Wal-mart, and black sticky felt.  The idea was going to be to add spots all over, throw some ears on the hoodie, add a tail and a collar and call it good.  Good it was not!  Apparently only the extra-stiff adhesive-backed felt really sticks.  That's what I bought for Sam's costume, but I got Sophia's at another store.  The other stuff comes right off.  At one point, I was either going to have to sew on all the spots, or scrap the whole idea and encourage her to be a cat.  She went as a cat.   

After the kids went to bed I sorted the candy.  Yes, I was a good parent and checked it all over to make sure it was safe.  But then I sorted out all the hard candy and suckers and threw them away.  They take too long to eat and my kids get to sticky in the process.  I sorted out the pretzels and gummy snacks and through them into my snack cupboard.  Thank you to these Moms!!  Then I still had 3 gallon bags of candy.  Yikes!  Every year we let the kids eat a piece at snack time and sometimes a piece for dessert after dinner.  Then some of the chocolate candybars are frozen and pulled out throughout the year.  The other candy goes to Daddy's less fortunate friends who don't get to trick-or-treat. 

Finally, a few pictures of visiting Grandad and Grandma.  Yes, once again, Sam was scared of Grandad - but wouldn't you be at 3?  Sophia was upset with me because she wanted to get to their house when it was dark so Grandad could scare her.  But, it was a school night so I got to make the schedule! 

Next year, I'm scrapping my plans of making costumes and just telling them to find something in the dress-up boxes. Easier. Cheaper. And less hassle!  Now, if someone will just convince them of that! 

Hope you all had a great Halloween! 


  1. They look adorable! Great job on being so creative and thrifty!

    PS. Stopping over from Jennilee's....just because! :-)

  2. fun :) not my holiday either lol nice to meet you from the party! thanks for linking up!

  3. Your children are beyond cute- especially in those nifty costumes! I giggled because if we lived closer to my parents, they would totally dress up for Halloween and my boys, as well :)

    Happy to be joining you from Jenilee's!