Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Great Abilene Campout

Last weekend we attended The Great Abilene Campout.  It was so much fun!  We had 170 people attend the school-wide campout on the playground and adjoining field.  While a few people didn't spend the night, we had 36 tents and a few RVs all lined up. 

These moms are amazing!  Carrying everything, setting it all up and camping with their kids!

Up goes tent city.
I love how my kids are all lined up below just watching the adults set up the tents -- like they're watching a movie!

Some of the dads grilled hot dogs for everyone and as it got darker everyone made their own s'mores.  In the morning donuts and juice were waiting for everyone - despite how early all the kids actually woke up! Seriously, don't they need more sleep than that?

The thing is, I normally supervise our kids like a protective mama bear.  And that night they had freedom they're not accustomed to.  The playground was fenced in and the kids generally just ran around for hours on end.  They all had flashlights and glow sticks and could play soccer, play on the playground equipment, run around in and out of the tents and just be free to be kids.  They had so much fun with their friends.  Many of the adults just sat around the campfire talking and we would catch little glimpses of our kids running by.  That was my favorite part - just talking to the other parents.  It seems rare these days that we take time to just sit and relax together. 
Our kids' side of the tent.  Plenty of room.

I thought we'd have to force our kids to go to bed.  But after the girls had run around for about 4 hours, they kicked all the other kids out of our tent and went to bed.  Awesome!  Sam was another story.  He finally went to bed around 12:30 when Chris and I left the warm campfire.  Then, he wouldn't fall asleep until he snuggled into Chris' mummy sleeping bag with him.  Cozy!  Camping out was COLD at night.  I know the temperature only said about 47, but somehow I was freezing all night long.  Not exagerating in the least.  I'm not sure how I could have been cold.  I had a great sleeping bag along with a blanket in a really nice tent.  But I just laid there and shivered.  I listened to the trains pass through town.  Who knew they came through so many times at night?  I noticed when the power went out for the whole town.  How does that happen without any storms?  And I actually considered heading in to the teacher's lounge where I knew there was a couch.  I didn't, but I really, really wanted to!  Luckily the kids slept better than me!  Though we all napped the next day.  I've really got to toughen up if I'm actually going to camp out at Yellowstone next summer. 

The camp out was SO MUCH FUN!  Little planning, lots of relaxing and watching our kids have a ball.  Can't wait for next year! 

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