Friday, June 10, 2011

How I spent my 10 year anniversary...

Since it's Kansas, and June, this is how we spent our 10 year anniversary.  We were in the middle of dinner when the tornado sirens and alarms went off. 
Huddled together in our storage room taking cover from a tornado warning.  Yes, Isabella is still eating.  Sam insisted on wearing his Spiderman costume and a "hardware" themed necktie.  Eventually, they added in their Thomas the Train and school bus tents for further protection (i.e., more fun with the flashlights).

The actual suspicious rotating cloud was directly west of us for half an hour. And it looked pretty creepy watching it slowly spin.  It had produced a funnel and could at any time.  "If you're in Valley Center, take cover now."  Lovely.  Luckily it slowly moved on by and while there was more roof damage to some of our neighbors, and trees down in some places in town, the most we had was marble sized hail, TONS of rain, and 60+ mile winds.  We were very thankful!

It's funny the things you think to grab "just in case."  I got all the kids' shoes, hoodies, our cameras, laptop, my purse, and flashlights.  Chris grabbed his grad school homework and Bible.  He's just got two weeks left of this particular class and didn't want to have trouble finishing it. 

Luckily Chris and I have our "real" date tonight where we will get to go to dinner without ordering any kids' meals or cutting anyone else's food up.  No hot wheels on the table or coloring on place mats.  We'll actually have to talk to each other!  Hope we can still remember how to do that!   

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