Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Divide and Conquer

Because I'm all about honesty...

Divide and Conquer.  That seems to be our theme this summer.  And it's exhausting. Tonight, Sophia has a swim meet in McPherson.  Anna has a t-ball game and team pictures in Valley.  So Chris and I will spend another night split between kids' activities. 

The sad reality is that both of us would prefer to be at the swim meet.  I know parents aren't supposed to admit that, but it's true.  It's so much more fun than a t-ball game.  It's exciting to see her swim the different events and get faster each time.  She's so proud of those ribbons she earns.  And it's cooler by the pool.  Maybe it's just the VC ball fields.  But it's hot there.  Like, hardly any trees, sun setting in your face hot.  Wind blowing red dirt in your eyes hot.  Anna's good.  Don't get me wrong, she's honestly much better at ball than Sophia was.  She can hit.  She can field.  And she can throw a ball straight down the line.  But she's not aggressive. And there's always a little guy on the team that is.  That boy, unfortunately, is often right next to Anna in the field.  The frustration, the tears.  It's not good.  We actually had to say something to the coach last time - and they were honestly trying to get the little guy to give her a chance.  But, you can't physically hold him back (though the thought did cross my mind!). 

So tonight, I'm going to t-ball.  Because, well, if she ends up crying during the game, she'll probably need her mom.  But, I'll have my cell phone with me waiting to here how Sophia's doing.  And I'll be praying for a positive attitude.  The last thing I want is for Anna to know I'd rather be at the swim meet.  Because being a parent means putting your kids' needs before your own desires. 

So, tonight, I'll be the one squinting into the sun watching a little girl play ball. Sam will come home dirtier than any of the kids on either of the ball teams.  And, hopefully, a couple little girls will have had a lot of fun tonight at their different activities! 

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