Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nose Running Away....

Our family has been battling colds this last week. Chris and I were not doing well this weekend and found ourselves falling asleep on the couch at the drop of the hat on Saturday.  I started getting better, but Chris is still miserable.  I think he's got a cold and the flu - and since he is the only one in our family to not get a flu shot -- well, it's possible.   He spent most of Monday in bed with our dog, Sadie. 

Sam has had a small cold too.  Usually, when he wakes up he says two things to me.  "Done napping, Mommy," and "eat."  Today, he said, "Nose running away, Mommy."  Too cute!  When his nose is running, it's always running away.  Makes sense I guess. 

Here's hoping the two men in my life feel better quickly! 

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