Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Son of a Preacher Man....

Last week our family went to Cincinnati for the North American Christian Convention.  Lots and lots of preachers and their families.  The kids got to hang out with a couple hundred preacher kids - and it's always nice to spend time with people who understand a little about your life.  Because frankly, not many people understand what it's like being "in the ministry."  It's not like most people whose dad is a doctor, teacher, plumber, etc.  When you're dad's in ministry, the whole family is in ministry. 

I thought about writing about that experience, but instead, it might be more fun to just show you a few pictures through the eyes of Sam.  He had a great time!  You guys...if you know our family very well at all, you know Sam is my number one source of laughter every. single. day.  He is a complete goofball and I love him.

Like all good conventions, there were vendor booths.  Sam enjoyed this part a lot and got a lot of goodies to take home.  I have no idea how many pairs of sunglasses the kid came home with. 

Sam also loves to dance.  I mean, really loves to dance!  He heard the music, saw the spotlight, and started dancing.  Then, he saw he was on the tv.  I'm pretty sure he could have stayed at this booth all day long! 
And of course, at a Christian convention you can get a free communion sample.  Sam insisted that they all take communion... in the middle of the IHOP parking lot.  Because that's how we roll, folks.
He also took the opportunity to take one of the stages.  He had a lot to say!
Staying at a hotel meant swimming for fun!  That's rare when you're in the pool everyday for practice. 
And he got to eat out at a few restaurants - a rare treat in our family.  So sitting on a hamburger stool was super fun! 
We all had a great week and came back refreshed and ready to keep serving God the best way we know how.   

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