Sunday, June 29, 2014

A weekend of fishing and hiking!

It's been a good weekend!  Friday night we all went fishing with Dick and Marie and their two grandsons.  The pond was beautiful and filled to the brim with small blue gill fish.  I think between the six kids they easily caught 50 fish.  


Yes, it is actually impossible for Chris to look normal when someone points a camera in his direction!  I somehow missed taking a picture of Sam holding a fish.  But he went fishing with Dick a few weeks ago and I have a shot from then! 

The kids came home tired!  We slept in a bit and then went on a short hike in the Gorge Saturday morning.  Sometimes we read up about the trail we're going to do, other times we just randomly pick one.  It was a nice surprise to find that at the end of the trail was a great place to watch people rock climbing.  This is obviously going to be a passion of Sophia's so we're signing her up for some classes soon.  She will climb on anything we let her!  The kids also got to end the trail walking through a creek.  It was hot, so any chance to get a little wet was welcome! 
It's hard to tell, but this climber (who blends in with the rocks) free climbed right up the side of the rock to set up the rope for the other climbers.  He had serious skills!  The other climbers struggled even with  attached to the ropes!  

We've been in Kentucky about 3 months now and we've gone on 14 hikes on 12 different trails.  Not bad!  We've got countless more to try out too!   It's so nice to get outside and explore! 

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