Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The annual Christmas card

Every year it seems as if fewer and fewer people send out Christmas cards and letters.  It's expensive.  It's time consuming.  And some years it seems like there's nothing new to say.  No new babies, job changes, or moves.  What in the world will we write about? 

I am determined not to stop sending ours.  I have a copy of every Moon Tribune we've ever sent out in a binder in our living room.  It all started with Chris' groom's cake.  He was just starting out as a reporter, so we thought a cake that looked like a newspaper would be perfect.  Cute isn't it?

Then, a couple of years later we published the next Moon Tribune inviting everyone to Sophia's first birthday party.  From that point on, we sent it out as our annual Christmas letter and used it to announce our pregnancies and births and major life changes.  The binder with our Moon Tribunes in it tells the history of our family.  And our kids love to get it out and look at it. 

I know its easier not to send out Christmas cards and letters, but I am so thankful for those of you who still send them!  I love seeing the pictures, reading what's going on in people's lives, and just knowing that someone cared enough to snail mail a card to us!  I'm not going to lie, if you e-mailed me your Christmas card/letter, I totally printed it and hung it up with the rest of them. 

In fact, this year we received 49 Christmas cards!  Don't they look nice hanging up?  So, thank you so much for remembering us this year!  We loved checking the mailbox every day and opening up your cards!  Wouldn't it be nice if more people mailed cards the other 11 months of the year? 

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