Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On sending my baby to preschool....

Yes, he's four, but he's still my baby!  My last baby.  And he has already been in preschool almost a month.  It's still taking me a little bit of time to adjust.  But, for the first time in 9 years and 4 months I am not 100% responsible for another human being for a few hours a week. 9 years and 4 months!!!!  It's been a while! 

But, two days a week, I have 2 1/2 hours to myself.  All four of my kids are in school for those 5 hours each week. All of them!   Now, Thursdays I am at work at church during that time, but on some of those Tuesdays, I'm totally and completely free to do what I want.  I have big plans.  Exercising.  Shopping.  Vegging out.  Yesterday, I did a little work at church and went to Wal-mart.  Not too exciting, but it doesn't matter, because I could have done anything during that time!  It's a good thing Sam has 2 years of preschool because I think it will take me that long to adjust to all of my kids being in school all day. 

Here's what he looked like on his first day of school!  Did I cry when I dropped him off?  Surprisingly, my eyes only watered a bit.  I just knew he'd be fine.  He'd be happy and he'd do his best to listen and follow directions.  He's grown up in church and our Parent's Day Out program, so going to class isn't a new thing.  And man does he love it!  As soon as his sisters get on the school bus he's asking me every two minutes if it's time to leave for preschool.  For 50 minutes he does this!  Some days I just put him in the car early just to get him to stop asking.  But, it's a good thing.  He loves going to school and is super excited to get there.  I'm hoping that continues for a long time! 

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