Monday, August 20, 2012

Under the bed in underwear.

A few nights ago I went in to Sam's room to check on him before I went to bed.  It's a good thing I did!  I couldn't find him.  He wasn't in his bed, or anywhere in sight.  I felt under the bed and after a while I found his sleepsak.  He used to wear it to bed, but then outgrew it and now he snuggles with it at bedtime.  So I grabbed Chris and we turned on the light.  

This is what we found...  

He was tucked in to the far corner under the bed. It was a really tight fit too!  We couldn't reach him and he wouldn't wake up for anything.  I finally started thumping on the floor and he woke up enough to slowly wiggle himself out.  We put him back in bed and he was out again!  I guess he was pretty tired!  And yes, for some reason he refuses to sleep in pj's or wear clothes very much.  So fair warning, if you drop by our house sometime, you will likely find him in his underwear! 

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  1. I'm almost postive I have a picture of each of our boys just like this at this age! Soo funny and soo cute!