Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Year, Another Birthday!

I'm a little behind on my blogging.  A home remodel project will do that to you!  But it's so worth it in the end!  

Anna turned seven on February 13th.  SEVEN?  Not sure how time is flying by so quickly, but it is.  Here are a few pictures from her birthday party.  Her favorite color is blue so we had a blue polka-dot party.   

Yes, the cake is totally lopsided.  But, I decided I'm perfectly okay with that because the cake pops and cupcakes looked pretty!  Plus, the inside of the cake was checkerboard blue and white so the outside wasn't as important!

And here are pictures of my sweet Anna.  God blessed you with such a tender, nurturing heart and we are just constantly amazed at what a loving girl you are.  You've always been my shy, sensitive little girl with a big heart and I love you so much! 


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