Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tooth Fairy Continued....

For those of you keeping up with our epic saga with the tooth fairy, I wanted to give you an update. Friday, Sophia came home from school with another beautiful tooth necklace. Yes, once again, her tooth got loose enough at school that she went down to the nurse and had her pull it out. (Thank you, again, Nurse Ensey for saving me from that job!) I figured the novelty of two teeth sitting on my kitchen counter would wear thin and we would be expecting a visit from the tooth fairy immediately. Not so fast! Sophia still doesn't want to "cash her clunkers" in (sorry, not as funny written as it was in my head). So, unfortunately, I now have two shiny plastic tooth necklaces sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm going to either have to get creative to encourage a visit from the tooth fairy, or at the minimum require the necklaces to find a new home - preferably somewhere in the basement!


  1. Hmmm.. Maybe Sophia knows a little something about investments... Maybe she wants her tooth portfolio to mature before cashing them in!

  2. So funny! I think more likely she is a kid without an allowance and no real value for money. But the maturing portfolio might just work!